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I used to sell Uniglobe Travel franchises in the early 90s and later even owned own. I was impressed by their attention to constant offerings of continuing education programs.

I met Marley Matlin in Palm Springs at our Pacific Rim quarterly meeting and one of the top sales training gurus in Honolulu the next quarter.

Then ten years later, I was one of their featured speakers for a Northern California regional meeting.

They have annual meetings where they go all out. They are typically two to three day events where they have breakout sessions and keynote speakers.

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There is also a tremendous amount of pressure on the keynote speaker. It is harder to control your audience from the stage. People have a tendency to be distracted, they are checking their emails, sending text messages and even hold private conversations while the keynote speaker is trying to make their most important point.

It’s not only frustrating, but it leaves me feeling empty. My ideal is to be able to make a difference for my audiences. I want to know that I am able to reach my audience and help them overcome the challenges they are facing.