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Radio Interviews

One of the best ways to get your book out into the world is through radio interviews. As part of the CIP authors program, I’ve included about 1,500 radio talk shows, the producers names, who will decide whether to book you on the show or not, the wattage of the station and the city they’re located.

I typically listen to the program one to three times prior to calling in so I know their format will be ideal for my books, a business book won’t sell very well on a Law of Attraction venue, so it’s best to keep the programming direction in mind.


I love interviewing authors. I have authors prepare their own questions and help guide them to an answer which will guide the listeners to go to their website and buy their book.

There are many ways of answering the same question. “What do you want your readers to take away from reading your book?” could have several answers, but knowing the listening audience will help guide you to the right answer.