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Flip Video

I bought the Flip Video about two years ago and I began to do facial readings (physiognomy) and post the results to my www.StreetSmartDifference.com Sales Training website. It was a lot of fun to find people, tell them about themselves and then have them tell me how much fun it was.

The fact is, adding a video every week to your site will increase your rankings drastically. Not only do people like videos but the search engines love them. So it makes sense to keep adding them as often as possible.

Flip Video

I saw a speaker use a Flip Video about two years ago while I was at an event in San Jose. I was impressed by the quality, but more so by the fact he could upload it to his Facebook and YouTube accounts within five minutes. I was sold!

So before the weekend was out, it was necessary for me to visit the local electronics store and pick up my very own Flip Video Camera. I had a lot of trouble running through batteries, but fortunately hang out with a lot of geeks and one of them told me to switch to rechargeable batteries. It did the trick. I started taking videos of everyone and everything.