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Top 10 Reasons to Blog

Feature Article: Ten Reasons Why You Should be Blogging


With all the Tweeting, Facebook Liking, and LinkedIn connecting going on, it’s easy to forget about blogging and finding the time to do so. Blogging, however, can be extremely useful for more reasons than just populating your website with content (although that’s important too). Let’s look at some reasons why you must blog and why it should matter to you!

Marketing Your Blog

I know that authors love to write and imagine that everyone is reading every word they write, but how is anyone going to find your blog if you don’t market the blog on a regular basis.

You didn’t know that you had to market the blog? Well, guess what? You do! And if you’re not familiar with the techniques, you can post a request on elance.com or learn to post Tweets on Twitter.com, write articles and post them on the various article websites, post links on Facebook, MySpace and YouTube. That’s a good start, but when you look at the big picture, you’ll realize that this is a never ending cycle of gaining recognition through the resources on the Internet.