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Articles That Support Your Book

Since you’re an author, writing articles should be second nature for you. The more articles you get published the higher your stock as an author becomes. It goes without saying, your articles should relate to your book.

What you might want to do is plan out 20 articles by outlining what order you want to direct your reading audience. Remember to add a bit of intrigue to your articles to ensure that your audience will follow through and go to your website and buy your book.

Reach Millions

Reach An Audience of Millions

by Sharyn Abbott

Do you know the secret to getting your information seen over and over again without spending a penny? This method is used by Internet marketers to help drive traffic to their website and sell their products and services, promote their affiliate programs or simply attract readers to their newsletters.

It is a simple secret. It requires very little effort and time from you, yet the rewards can far exceed your effort.

This method of advertising give you free promotion that could have cost you thousands of dollars otherwise, but more importantly, it develops your reputation as an expert in your field and builds credibility.