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You’ll want to reach as many Internet media resources as possible. Creating a Podcasts where you have audio contact will make you more accessible to your fans. It puts your name, your book name and your concepts out on the Internet in more places. That is one of the many methods to gain you more exposure.

I was searching to see what new PR sites were out there for my book and found two or three of my podcasts that I did were showing up on six to ten separate websites. It offers some great exposure for you as an author.

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I was on LinkedIn when I discovered this connection and I wanted to share it with you. Authors need to obtain as much as exposure as possible.

Book Club Reading List is an excellent resource for you to have you book get greater exposure to a new audience. Another way to take advantage of this resource is to follow up with those who read a chapter of your book and ask them for a testimonial to include on your website and in your book.
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Book Club Reading List