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Joint Venture Relationships

I had my sixth book published in 2008 and at the time, I was barely familiar with LinkedIn and Facebook. But one day a man fromNewJerseyasked if I would add him as a friend on Facebook and after thinking “why would I want to take the time to be on a site with college kids?” I decided to do it anyway.

Much to my surprise,John’s friends included Deepak Chopra, Bill Maher, Bob Burg, Marlon Sanders and many of the “Who’s Who” list of authors and speakers. I was very impressed, to say the least. So I did what many Facebook newbies do, I addedJohn as a friend and requested his well known friends add me to their lists.

Teleseminars and Webinars

One of the easiest methods of gaining a new audience is to conduct teleseminars to preview your intellectual knowledge. For some, a teleseminar seems like a daunting task. They don’t know what the process involves, so I decided to make it a little more clear as to how the process can be made more simple.